How to Choose the Best Locker System for You

Dasco can help you simplify the selection process when investing in a new storage system. We help identify WHAT you are storing, WHERE you are installing the locker system and WHO can access the items. Dasco can help you make sure you obtain the perfect storage system for your specific needs.

Case Study: The Frisco Police Department

Dasco offers a variety of customized, secure weapon storage solutions to fit the specific, unique needs of the armoury, police station or training facility. In this case, we provided Stackable Weapon Racks and Lockers for the Frisco Police Department in Texas.

Case Study: Barrie Police Department and Paramedics Storage Solutions

Image of Dasco Storage lockers in the Barries Police Department

Project Overview: The Barrie Police Department and Paramedics required a wide array of storage solutions for their brand-new building. The building serves over 500 personnel who require storage for their police and paramedic gear, communication equipment and their personal belongings. Dasco Storage Solutions managed the project from start to finish to ensure they received the best product, installation and customer service.

Your Guide to Weapon Storage Planning in the Workplace

Before and After Dasco's Smart Storage Lockers

Whether you work in an office setting, industrial plant, educational institution, or retail environment, the problem of finding adequate storage is always prevalent. Maybe you need to keep expensive and/or sensitive company property safe, or maybe you just need somewhere for your employees to store their personal belongings – but what is the best way to do it?