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Case Study: Barrie Police Department and Paramedics Storage Solutions

Image of Dasco Storage lockers in the Barries Police Department
Project Overview: The Barrie Police Department and Paramedics required a wide array of storage solutions for their brand-new building. The building serves over 500 personnel who require storage for their police and paramedic gear, communication equipment and their personal belongings. Dasco Storage Solutions managed the project from start to finish to ensure they received the best product, installation and customer service.

Customer's Weapon Storage Requirements

The Barrie Police Department

The Barrie Paramedic Service

The paramedic requirements were different. Their team required locker storage for their personal items and uniforms. These lockers were all for the same large changeroom. They differed from the police in that they required an open compartment on the bottom of the locker for their boots and did not require a bench seat.

Dasco's Storage Solution

The Barrie Police Department Solution

Dasco's gear storage lockers close up
Constable Locker
Image of Dasco's Evidence Storage Lockers
4-Compartment Handgun Locker
Bi-fold Weapon Rack Closed
Bi-Fold Weapon Rack
Stackable Weapon Lockers with Closed Doors
TA-50 Locker

The Barrie Paramedic Service Solution

The paramedic storage requirements demanded a unique locker – one that Dasco needed to create. The Dasco engineering team was up to the challenge and developed a solution by adapting a traditional corridor locker.

The open compartment at the bottom required us to build an additional shelf 16 inches from the floor of the locker. Dasco also had to design a shorter door and hinge to form a secure compartment with the new shelf. This solution offered the quick and easy access to footwear that the paramedics desired.

The paramedics were very pleased with the result. This is just one example of how Dasco Storage Solutions can solve all of your storage needs – no matter how large or how unique they are.

Gear Storage Lockers in a Police Station
Custom Corridor Locker

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